all health hazard planning

As the coordinating entity  for one of New Hampshire’s 15 Public Health Regions, HSCSC works with local governments, healthcare and social service agencies, volunteer organizations and community businesses in five main areas:

1) Public Health Emergency Planning

Past Highlights:

  • Developing regional Public Health Emergency Response plans for effective, coordinated response
  • Conducting full-scale exercises of alternate care facilities, mass vaccination/medication distribution facilities, and regional emergency operations centers

Deb Lee, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Gary Brock, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, and Jason Cole, Rochester Police Department, (seated) staff the regional Emergency Operations Center as a Rochester Fire Fighter looks on (standing) during the 2009 "Operation Rapid Rx" Full-Scale Exercise.

2) Community Preparedness

Past Highlights:

  • Creating a workshop with planning tools to Assist over 25 local Child Care Centers develop Emergency Operations Plans
  • Collaboration with state and local health and human service agencies to develop tools and trainings to prepare the elderly and functional needs populations for emergencies

Katie Kemen of HSCSC delivers emergency preparedness trainings to volunteers and community members.

3) Public Health Risk Communication

Past Highlights:

  • Coordinating with local public safety officials for safe heating and flood preparedness campaigns
  • Delivering community, business and municipal trainings on H1N1 pandemic flu preparedness and response

4) Emergency Response & Recovery

Past Highlights:

  • Coordination of long-term flood recovery in 2006 and 2008
  • Medical Acute Care Sheltering for displaced persons with medical needs during the 2008 Ice Storm

Nurses from Avis Goodwin Community Health Center work at the medical acute care shelter in 2008.

  • Regional Coordination of 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Flu Vaccination Campaign

Gail Wasiewski of Wentworth-Douglass Hospital speaks with American Medical Response Paramedics at an H1N1 flu clinic.

5) Strafford County Citizen Corps Volunteer Development and Deployment

  • Training a team  medical and non-medical volunteers to support local healthcare and first responders during community emergencies
  • Deploying volunteers to work in emergency shelters, pandemic flu vaccination clinics, and flood and tornado recovery teams

Joan Brossia and Gene Grossi (left), of the Strafford County Citizen Corps, staff the patient registration table as part of a full-scale exercise while Somersworth Fire Chief, Don Messier (center), looks on.


Staff Members

Katie Kemen, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator