about us

The Health and Safety Council of Strafford County (HSCSC) strives to bring together resources throughout the region with a common focus of public health, chronic disease prevention, and public health emergency planning.

Formed in 2003, we are a young and growing organization. Based on studies of our public's health and our public health capacity, we seek grants that address the most pressing local public health concerns. If we can't provide direct services, we work with other agencies, as a public health network, to help meet the needs of our communities.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, HSCSC is funded by the NH Department of Health and Human Services and NH Homeland Security and Emergency Management with funds provided by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). We are governed by Representatives from the thirteen communities we serve in Strafford County, and three at large members from our partners at Avis Goodwin Community Health Center, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

Our Mission

To improve and protect the public health and well being of residents in the region through the facilitation of diverse organizations, institutions, and community residents that collaborate in the enhancement of clinical and community based systems.


Facilitate planning and priority setting for health improvement

  • Establish an advisory board which is broadly representative of the public health interests in the region to set direction and monitor progress towards health and safety improvements.
  • Be recognized by and inclusive of the local government entity that has ultimate authority and accountability for the public's health.
  • Assure the delivery of the 10 essential public health services
  • Serve as the "hub" of public health information and resources across the region
  • Collect and disseminate information and serve as a liaison among different projects.
  • Share innovative models and approaches across the region, thus decreasing duplication of efforts and optimizing the use of limited local resources.

Provide effective technical assistance

  • Assist network partners and members with strategic planning, grant-writing, budget development, program implementation, evaluation, and other problem-solving.

Provide opportunities for networking and capacity-building

  • Coordinate the actions of the broad public health interests in the region to affect public health improvement and assure the safety of all residents.
  • Provide opportunities for networking and capacity-building through regional workshops and meetings.
  • Serve as liaison with State and regional public health agencies in coordinating local planning and response to public health threats.
  • Seek resources to support public health planning and response from state, local and private sources.
  • Support regional efforts to address health disparities.
  • Support county-level activities, where organizations and agencies address public health through policy and organizational changes.